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Enzymotec, a member of the Frutarom group, has been at the leading edge of lipid technologies for more than fifteen years. Our team of lipid experts is constantly working to develop new technologies for novel lipid-based ingredients with potential human health benefits.
The expertise of our scientists made the development of numerous phosphatidylserine-based products possible. These products are manufactured exclusively by Enzymotec, and introduce several grades which are globally patent-protected.
Enzymotec, a member of the Frutarom group, produces phosphatidylserine (PS) from various natural sources, such as soy, sunflower, fish and krill; each providing its own unique benefits..

Soy-PS, the leading source of PS worldwide, has been the main PS type researched in the last two decades, with clinically proven benefits for cognition, daily stress, mood, sports experience, skin health and more. Soy-PS by Enzymotec (Sharp•PS®) is also available in a grade which derived from non-GMO ingredients.


Sunflower-PS (Sharp•PS® Green) is an eco-friendly phosphatidylserine, sourced from sunflower lecithin.

Sharp•PS® Silver contains significant amounts of PS and DHA.

Sharp•PS® Silver may use EU health claim: DHA contributes to maintenance of normal brain function*
**In order to bear the claim information shall be given to the consumer that the beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA.

Fish-PS and krill-PS are also produced by Enzymotec and are sold as medical foods for the dietary management of early memory impairment and ADHD, respectively.


  • 10% to 70% PS powder
  • Liquid PS
  • Patented proprietary– • Patent pending– Fine powder grade, developed especially for functional foods, and successfully introduced into protein and other dry powders, gummies, UHT milk and more.
  • Softgel applications– Patented stable PS dispersion for softgel applications

PS is well-suited to wide range of applications as it has no taste or smell and can be easily integrated in a wide range of end products.

Sharp•PS® solutions are available for soft gels and gummies.